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Northfield Area Community Solar


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About Us

Northfield Area Community Solar, LLC (NACS) is a group of Northfield area residents committed to building renewable energy together in our community. We are excited to announce our partnership with Minnesota Community Solar (MNCS) to build Northfield’s first community solar garden.

Community solar gardens allow Xcel electricity customers to subscribe to solar energy from large arrays at locations away from their homes and businesses. Community solar dramatically expands the number of Minnesotans with access to clean, locally-produced solar electricity.

Here’s how it works: Subscriptions to community solar gardens are like service contracts. Subscribers don’t own the panels, so they don’t have to worry about maintaining the array. Xcel customers who live in Rice County and or an adjacent county may purchase a subscription to the energy produced by the solar garden. Xcel Energy purchases electricity from community solar gardens and credits subscribers’ electric bills for the power that’s produced.

Subscribers can purchase up to 120% of their average electric use from a CSG. Solar energy is affordable to many more people than ever before.

Our group strives to create a community-wide response to climate change and reduce the amount of carbon our community emits. We believe clean energy should be accessible to people of all income levels. We plan to use some of the funds from the project to make subscriptions available to people living in affordable housing.

We are helping people become clean energy producers

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