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Chamber Chat

Every third Tuesday of the month, Northfield Chamber of Commerce President Jane Bartho will talk with a local business leader about their company and the work they do. They will discuss the business climate in Northfield, and how businesses can make a positive impact on the community. Bartho will also give an update on the goings on at the Chamber and the Convention & Visitors Bureau each month, with news on upcoming programs and initiatives.
Saturday, January 1, 2022
Rebound Partners

Rebound Partners is an organization with no less than seven different diversified segments, running from hospitality to food and beverage, to real estate, to financial services and more. Each segment, or “Vertical,” as they are referred to within the company, has its own area of focus, its own staff and employees, and its own “Champion” (another Rebound term), that oversees its operations. Each of these verticals runs under the watchful eye of Managing Partner Brett Reese.

Rich Larson

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