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City of Northfield

City of Northfield

City Government

About Us

Northfield is bursting with vibrant culture, esteemed academics, celebrated arts, progressive technology, and a cherished history. Come and check out our beautiful Cannon River and over 35 parks and open spaces. Northfield also has a Riverwalk Market Fair from May - October, and the great Defeat of Jesse James Days in September.

If the arts are your thing, come and take in our performing arts, galleries, music, youth and adult theater, classes and gift shop. There is something happening throughout the year. Maybe antiques and treasurers are your specialty. Northfield has a large array of shops to fill your dreams.

The City's Vision is to be an open, safe, and welcoming community, recognized for its world-class colleges and historic riverfront downtown, and is dedicated to sustainably enhancing and preserving its vibrant culture, celebrated arts, strong economy, and an excellent quality of life where all can thrive.

To uphold our Mission, the City of Northfield works for the common good of our residents and businesses and the improvement of our community by providing excellent, innovative municipal services that carry out the City's vision for a high quality of life for all.

- Integrity
- Teamwork
- Excellence & Innovation
- Celebration
- Stewardship

If you are looking for a place to visit, live, or build a business, know that Northfield welcomes you!


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