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About Us

Neuger Communications Group is a full-service marketing communications and public relations firm that helps clients tell honest stories to the people most important to the client’s success. The firm’s expertise runs the gamut from strategic planning to market research; from branding to advocacy; from reputation management to awareness building, and the list goes on.

Storytelling takes many shapes at Neuger Communications Group as well. It could come through a corporate website or brochure. It might come from a case study or media placement. It could include a social media strategy and presence, whether through Facebook or LinkedIn or any number of other social media outlets. In short, if a client’s story can be enhanced through a communications strategy, Neuger Communications Group will help make it happen.

Widely recognized for its passion and dedication to the success of its clients, Neuger Communications Group has a proven track record in a variety of industries and tailors each of its communications initiatives to clients’ goals and objectives. We invite you to investigate further why Neuger Communications Group will be a good match for you.

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