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Workforce Development, Inc. -Owatonna

Workforce Development, Inc. -Owatonna


About Us

Workforce Development, Inc. (WDI) is a private, nonprofit agency dedicated to developing and advancing the workforce of Southeast Minnesota through career pathways and more. With ten area offices throughout the region, WDI assists thousands of individuals each year with career planning, skills and job training, and many other FREE services. WDI works with every population in the region from youth to adult to dislocated workers and employers.

Gather and Build a Sustainable Workforce across Southeast Minnesota -- If you’re an employer having trouble with recruiting, staff training, and retaining good employees, you’re not alone and you know it. Collaborating with Workforce Development, Inc. (WDI) can make the difference in attracting and maintaining a team of satisfied and productive employees. Connect with us to help your company gather and build a qualified, sustainable workforce.

WDI can provide you with recruitment assistance, local labor market information, original research, best retention practices, staff training, and much more. We can also help you manage the transition for dislocated employees and create opportunities for workers with disabilities in across Southeast Minnesota with MaxAbility.

You can also call the WDI office nearest to you today to learn how WDI can help find employees for your company’s unique situation!

In fact, individual attention is the hallmark of WDI’s service. It’s also why WDI’s programs and career pathway opportunities have been so successful.


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