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Message from Jody Gunderson, 2019 Board Chair

Message from Jody Gunderson, 2019 Board Chair

Dear Members,
I am honored to lead this phenomenal organization as your 2019 Board Chair of the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism. I anticipate an exciting 2019 filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth, meaningful service, goals for a thriving business environment, and of course, FUN! 

First,  I would like to personally thank Martha Kasper for her leadership, mentorship, and listening ear that she provided as the 2018 Board Chair. Under her guidance, we became more efficient and grew stronger as a Chamber.  I look forward to continuing our work together in 2019.

In preparation for each New Year, the incoming Board Chair is asked to choose a motto for the Chamber for the upcoming year.  Albert Einstein once said “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” To me, this quote speaks volumes.  In this organization, we have some of the most successful men and women in our community.  But, I don’t believe that success was your ultimate goal – I believe that you do, what you do, day-in and day-out, because you want to be of value.  Value to your customers and clients, to your employees, to your families and to this community.  It’s because you are valued that you are so successful.  For 2019, our motto for the Chamber is “to be of value.”
One of my top priorities for 2019 will be membership.  We are continually evaluating everything we do to make sure we are providing value for our membership. We want to ensure that our members know all of the resources at their disposal.  Not only do we need to encourage our membership to support each other to become active participants in Chamber opportunities, but also to reach out and encourage new or non-member businesses and business owners to get involved and join the Chamber.  This summer we will be having a membership drive, with a goal to increase our membership to 300 businesses.  To accomplish this, we ask that each of you will commit to taking an active part in making that goal happen!
On our website, we have a new section titled “Member’s Minute.”  This is a brand new video series, where we find out from you, our valued business leaders, why you are a chamber member, and how you find value in your chamber membership.  Our marketing group will be reaching out to you and I encourage you to participate. 
Additionally we hope to build upon the successes of our major programs and events, and continue our efforts to help influence and shape public policy, improving the climate to encourage business growth thru expansion and new development, and support the efforts of the Convention & Visitors Bureau. 
To be of value to our members, we need to provide high quality professional services.  We are the leaders of the local business community and need to improve and expand on the services and programs our members have come to expect.  To accomplish this, we need our member’s time, talents and financial backing.  Within each of your organizations are creative, talented, and enthusiastic people who are looking for growth opportunities. Encourage them to attend and become involved.
The next few months are going to be busy and most of all FUN!  I hope that you will stop by the Chamber office and meet with Lisa if you haven’t met her already.  I encourage you to get your staff members involved in our events and activities.  Lastly, I want to thank you for supporting this great organization!
Thank you,

Jody Gunderson

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